Sunday, July 4, 2010

TAGS January 31 & February 01, 1994

01/31: Bemoan my Valentine.
02/01: Not that Monster asked.

January 31: Rodney (African Lion, 2nd appearance) and Murray (cheetah, 7) are best friends. As it happens, up until this point TAGS hasn't needed that relationship for any joke or story angle. Maybe they go out hunting together or something.

February 01: Jeannie (swan, 2) is dissatisfied relationship with Hans (fox). This might be the groundwork to have them break up and later pair Jeannie with someone else.

In these break room scenes, I don't know if readers think that it's odd to depict folks' bodies, albeit in shadow below the tabletop. Mostly, the table substitutes for the brick walls in Schulz's Peanuts. I wasn't comfortable with having the bottom panel border be the tabletop, thinking it flattened the depth too much.

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