Sunday, March 21, 2010

That About Covers It

Cover, "Unstoppable Tuff-Girl", No. 01
Digital mixed media

3,975 x 6150 pix

March 2010

Matthew Crouch designed this second logo after I decided that the book title needed a modifier and his first "Tuff-GIrl" logo with its stepped outline proved to be too much of a pain to simply stack the long and by nature very horizontal "unstoppable". He kept the typeface of the first and explored different envelope shapes and different treatments for "unstoppable".

Merrill Hagan "captioned" the illustration with dialogue after the art was done.

The illustration was hand-inked and colored digitally. For the most part, the colors are mixes of cyan, magenta and yellow of the standard CMYK printing process with only a gradient of black behind the masthead. Last year I thought that I might use a colored version of the art I made for "Tuff-Girl" sketchbook No. 2 for at least the main image if not the whole thing.

The Wichita logo is a temporary (so I say) design I put together loosely based on the kilted lettering of Mickey Mouse title cards.

The Tuf Gurlz logo is just Cooper typeface mashed together similarly to the "Beach Boys Pet Sounds" album title.

Is it "fantastic", really? Yes. Yes it is.

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