Monday, March 15, 2010

Gary Albright

In typical fashion, the time I planned to devote towards the completion of my "Unstoppable Tuff-Girl" comic book, got diverted by another project, a going away card for Gary Albright, Sr. V.P. Trade Creative Services, Cartoon Network.

in the style of Al Hirschfeld
* * * * *

More or less I had the idea of a Hirschfeld caricature of Gary for several years, ever before I had done one of my boss, Ed Murrieta, but I needed the right occasion. Two weeks ago, he announced that his position at Cartoon Network was going to be eliminated, and his group, Trade Creative (TCS) of which I'm part, would be merged with the On-Air creative group.

c 2002
in the style of Hanna-Barbera's "The Flintstones"
* * - - -

Part and parcel of the Hirschfeld caricature was for it to be comprised of the names of past and present TCS staffers. If you're familiar with Hirschfeld's work, then you probably know that he would often hide his daughter's name, "Nina", in his work. Infusing the Gary drawing with the names of 92 staffers, temps and interns plus 58 Cartoon Network characters isn't exactly hiding things, but mixing in there 11 "Gary"s is.

in the style of Jim Davis' "Garfield."
* - - - -

Gary plays the harmonica, whose rows of little square holes are the perfect motif to be replace with the network's logo. It was especially fortunate, because being undecided about what to do with Gary's hands, the design cycled through black berries, whiskey bottles and other property.

* * * - -

On Gary's last day, he received a gift from the company, a memento commemorating his 15th year with the company.

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  1. Sad that I only recently rediscovered your site and am seeing these just now. Great stuff, brings back memories of the good ol' days!