Saturday, October 18, 2008

TAGS June 30 & July 1, 1993

6/30: Monster the Id, Brayn (pronounced, "brain.") the Ego.
7/01: A little first-aid demonstration - the bad kind.

June 30, 1993: Brayn's first appearance (his first presence was in 6/18). I like Brayn, or at least the idea of him. He deserves a bit more finessing in his design. He so trusts in his well of knowledge in absolute terms. Whether or not any of it is true, he gladly issues as much of it as he can to Monster.

July 1, 1993: Hans (fox) make his first appearance here (7/01), although off-panel he hits the pop fly that leads to Monster's current state of unconsciousness (6/8). Evan (Welsh Corgi) also makes his first appearance. If you require help with Monster's mumblings, he says, "Where's the restroom," and "Like some fries with that," two common questions of the service industry.

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