Sunday, October 5, 2008

Drawing Conclusions 2001

watercolor over black toner xerographic reproduction of black India ink on paper, 21.59 x 27.94 cm (8.5 x 11 in.)

January 2001, my last re-fresh of my artist biography for the Disneyland Main Street shop. Succumbing to the toll of working five years as an artist both for Walt Disney Consumer Products in Burbank on staff during the week, and weekends in Anaheim for the Original Artist Watch program, I was preparing to leave the Magic Kingdom as a Cast-Member.

I remember it had been a long time since I had introduced a new design to my shop portfolio, even with the new characters from Mulan, Hercules and Tarzan that I had been drawing for Burbank. I can't remember, if there was that "one last thing" I was going to do before leaving. If I dig deep enough, I might find it in my files.

Although a few of the names are illegible within this JPG, the important thing is they are the names of some of the New Century Timepieces Cast-Members with whom I worked during the past five years: (in no particular order) Scott, Denise, Marilyn, Jinny, Eileen, Cat, Laura, Carrie, Don, Lisa, Douglas, Shelly, Shelby, Michelle, Maria, Bonnie and Debbie.

Things to Look for:
a) a blue barreled medium point, Bic® 4-color pen (this appears in the second version too); b) a baby oyster


  1. It`s great to see your work again, even more amazing as I remembered.

    I still have some of the original Princess fashion designs you did when we were mocking that contest back when days were darker.

    Anyway I`m happy to know I can still enjoy seeing your work here.


  2. Hi Brian! Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the very nice and flattering comment on the Behemoth piece! glad you like it, much appreciated! Wow! your blog is really cool! these last entries are neat and going through each month their is always eye candy anywhere you look scrolling up and down... Will add you to my links as well... Hope all is going great in Atlanta and to see you again soon here or there! Best from out west,
    Ruben P.S. Kat Sapene painted the Behemoth piece and did a wonderful job, I was very pleased, she's one of the best in the biz IMO!