Thursday, June 5, 2008

120 [m ] - Ben in the End

both: black ink on copier paper

Late in 2007, I had the opportunity, to write/storyboard the animated end-page for the new show, Ben 10 Alien Force. After the credit roll and the end, Cartoon Network Studios punctuates the show with five seconds of animation of what is their logo acting as a sort of clap board. The logo splits opens like a window, some quick animation happens, then the logo claps shut.

I guess I had a lot of ideas for five seconds of animation. In the first board, I had Ben in mid run coming to a stop before slamming/activating the watch - BOOM! Too much?

It ended up being a truck shot of a standing Ben, from a tight close up of his eyes.

New episodes of Ben 10, Alien Force airs Saturday mornings.

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