Sunday, May 22, 2016

monstergram7 hits 1000 Followers

Hey, my Instagram feed, @monstergram7, hit the milestone 1000 followers! Just like I had with the 250 followers milestone, I made and uploaded a time-lapse video of me drawing and inking a special commemorative piece of art.

Thanks everybody!

Thanks to Tony and Tom Bancroft for pushing the number of my followers from 250+ to 600+ overnight with a social media mention of my stuff.

Finished in color pencil.

Video set-up minus iPhone for the 2nd attempt.
I actually drew and shot the process three times. The first time I had done at 990+ followers and was fine, but the following day, I thought that I could do better.

The second time the video was recording at vertical aspect and plays at 90˚. Ugh.

The third and final time is what I’ve posted here.

In the photo above of my crude set-up, the pink thing in the middle is an iPhone holder/ tri-pod with its flexible legs wrapped around a camera trip-pod. What-ever works you know.
I apologize for the bands that resulted from the video interaction with the flickering of the available fluorescent lighting. Maybe next time I’ll solve for that.

Thanks again!

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