Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Last week’s outing to Long Beach Comic Con went super well.

The last time I was at a LBCC, was about nine years ago sharing space in Juan Ortiz’s Silver Comics booth.  Since then, my basic criteria for a good showing at a comic convention is how busy I am with commissions. Because if I’m not drawing at a con, then what am I supposed to do? Talk to people about super-heroes?

Here are three of last weekend’s commissions that are NOT super-heroes...

Mickey Mouse in were-wolf Halloween costume.
Snow White from Fables.
Sherlock from “Sherlock” sketch card.
Thanks to:
Long Beach Comic Con

Merrill, Allen, 
Kyle, Matthew, Anna, 
Cindy, Chel, George, 
Izack, Gordon, Elsa, 
Aaron, L. J., Rhett, 
John, Krystel, Steve 
and James.

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