Monday, September 8, 2014

All SPARC and No Bite

Glendale, CA, August 25, 2014 — Disney Consumer Products (DCP) transformed one of the ground level hallways on the Grand Central Creative Campus, GC3 for short, into the SPARC Gallery.

SPARC, which stands for Seek-Partner-Adapt-Risk-Create, is an initiative DCP has to involve and inspire their Cast-Members a.k.a. employees. One of the things SPARC does is bring in guest speakers in a TED Talks way.

For the inaugural show of the gallery, participating Cast-Members get the spotlight with samples of their personal artwork. Over one-hundred pieces are currently on display.

My entry in this exhibition is a nine-inch tall paper craft figure inspired by the self-caricature of artist and cartoonist Meredith McClaren from her scraps comic and blog. The wall mounted shelf is wrapped with a reproduction of the six-page layout of the six-inch version of the build-it-yourself figure.

 Thanks to Meredith McClaren for allowing me to enter this in the show.

GC3 is a private Disney facility, which unfortunately means the gallery is inaccessible to the public without being a guest of a Disney Cast-Member.

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