Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Challenge on the Mount

Panel 1 of a one page comic done for a friend.
18.10 cm  x  8.57 cm  (7.125 in.  x  3.375 in.)
Red pencil and black ink on Bristol board.

Yes, the composition of this panel turned out to be nearly identical to the Tuff-Girl mini-poster I did for last year’s Dragon*Con. [flyer] [sketch] I didn’t fight it, because for this panel it was the same solution for the same set of requirments:
a) 1 armed, charging warrior.
b) 1 winged dragon.
c) Rocky/ mountainous landscape.
d) Set huge dragon in distance with perspective to keep as much of dragon in frame as possible.
e) Employ standard Amercan left-to-right read direction.
f) Horizontal layout.

I did, however, add a couple of dead bodies to the left.

For the dragon design, I tried to work in a more snake like head with pouches under its jaw for the glands that might produce combustible venom.

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