Wednesday, February 5, 2014


AweMazInc (derived from Awesome, Amazing, Incredible) approached me in the spring of 2011 following my appearance at WonderCon to draw there three members as superheroes.

AweMazInc brands themselves as “Social Media Superheroes.” If you judge me by my irregular if not infrequent blog postings, minus 2 and a half years, then you can surmise that I’m not/was not very good at the social media thing. However, add the “Superhero” aspect and I’m interested.

I don’t know why social media needs super heroes. I can’t imagine how one in social media trouble would procure super heroing services. If it make you feel better about your social media goings on, then twitter well knowing there are superheroes for that.

You can follow AweMazInc on Facebook.

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