Sunday, May 12, 2013

Eat - Sleep - Draw

Carmine Red pencil on Bristol board.
17.15 cm  x  51.44 cm  (6.75 in.  x  20.25 in.)

This series of Monster is for a set of promotional pin-back buttons. A fourth design to complete the set will an, as of yet uncomplete, logo.

The idea started as a 2 x 2 grid of circles, where quickly one circle was filled with the words “Monster Enterprises”. One done and three to go.

Just three more. Of course, at least one of those should be my Monster mascot. In free flowing manner, I scribbled Monster with a big chocolate chip cookie. If the first is “eating”, then naturally the second should be “drinking”. Instead I scribbled a napping Monster. Finally, “eat” and “sleep” is followed by “draw”, pretty much my daily pattern (minus a goodly portion of T.V.).

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