Wednesday, May 22, 2013

120 [m ] - Back and Force

 Conceptual compositions for promotional posters for the launch of Ben 10 Alien Force.

 Conceptual compositions for promotional posters for consumer print advertisments of Ben 10 Alien Force.

Conceptual compositions for promotional “tease” posters for the launch of Ben 10 Alien Force.

Back in 2008, Cartoon Network had in production Ben 10 Alien Force, a spin-off series of its successful Ben 10 animated actioner. In it, Ben was five years older, and teamed up with his cousin, Gwen and former adversary Kevin Levin. In true sequel fashion, so much of it borrowed from its predecessor: a) a basic logo design; b) “kid with a magic watch” set up; c) alien heroes; and d) green.

Thematically, the series was darker and even took place mostly at night. However, the key impression we attempted to communicated was “different” while retaining all the audience’s favortie parts.

Series producer, Glen Murakami, offered some suggestions for poster images in the form of his inspirations for the new series. And then I drew. As an experiment, I tried sketching natively in Photoshop with the Wacom Cintiq digitzing display. A practice helpful when I was experimenting with  resizing and re-positioning elements like logos and iconic images of Ben.

The teaser poster, resembled one of the concept sketches - well, if not for any other reason than we locked the shadowed Ben pose at the start, because it was a pose already being produced for licensing. The consumer print ad turned out pretty faithful to the layout of the first sample on the left of the second row.

I’ll note additionally, that I always seem to throw in tilted layout options for action show posters, and some where in produciton someone straightens them out.

> sigh <
BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE TM and © Cartoon Network.

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