Wednesday, April 25, 2012

120 [m ] : FusionFall Print Ad

2008 - Cartoon Network’s (CN) on-line group (a.k.a. new media, a.k.a. digital) created a M.M.O.G. (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) called FusionFall. It’s kind of like “World of Warcraft” and Disney’s “Kingdom Hearts” series of games, but with CN characters and environments.

Two-page spread print ad.

This was a rare print ad buy (literally a bought advertisement) for the game. In typical process, I devised this piece of conceptual composition (a.k.a. “comp”) with characters available to us - characters which were built built in 3-D for on-air commercial ads as opposed to the simpler characters created for the actual game. Working with Matt, we built on the idea that it’s good guys versus bad guys and not at all addressing that players create avatars and aren’t playing as or controlling CN characters.

To the left, FusionFall versions of Ben (Ben 10: Alien Force), Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory), Numbuh Five (Kids Next Door) and Samurai Jack. The four other folks represent the fore mentioned avatars. Also in the mix, if you look closely, are “Nano” versions of Samurai Jack, Dexter and FourArms (Ben 10), which in the game are pixie like entities collected which players could use for special attacks.

To the right, the bad guys including dark versions of Dexter, Samurai Jack and Ben. The rest are different monsters which might be encountered within the game.

The color blocking, was done more with the idea to keep the focus on Ben and the big monster and alludes to Russian propaganda posters.

The final ad was fully rendered with 3-D characters.

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