Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TAGS May 9 & 10, 1994

05/09: Captains plan-it.

05/10: Secret gaurdin’.

May 09: Secrets and the keeping of them is pretty well used comedy material. Surprise birthday parties are curious things, because one would think that the guest of honor knows that her/his birthday is coming soon. Regardless, Murray (cheetah, 11th appearance) is going to organize one for Edie (squirrel). The story telling would have been helped slightly if the kitchen location were more clearly communicated. This is Bill’s (turtle) 4th appearance.

May 10: Some one has to be the weak secret holder, and here it’s Rudy (pig, 5) who also has to suffer weirdly drawn bangs in the last panel. However, Rudy’s name does get used for the first time here. To be fair, Fern’s and Carolyn’s (raccoon, 3) collective pressure isn’t helping. Meanwhile, Edie (10) plays dumb. Alas, Fern is still an un-named tertiary character, even in this her 3rd appearance, which kind of makes her role like being Fern-iture. Ha.

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