Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drawing Attention

WonderCon, San Francisco, CA, Apr. 1 - 3, 2011 - The 25th running of this convention of comic book aficionados, saw good weather and big crowds. With a table (way in the back) in the artist alley section, I used this outing as a test run to see how well I could handle traveling with stuff to exhibit.

Like HeroesCon last year, the convention sketching business kept me busy:

Wonder Woman : It could have been the subliminal suggestion by the convention’s name or recent news of the in-development television series, but the premiere heroine seemed a popular request.

Wonder Woman vs. Cheetah : for this fan I drew a triptych of battle scenes. The third (not shown) had W.W. standing triumphant over bound Cheetah. Plus a fourth commission has Cheetah behind bars (oddly still in her costume).

Power Girl and Supergirl : These two heroines were once parallel universe versions of each other. I’m not sure how they relate, if at all, in the current continuity. In the final P.G. art, I added a belt and colored her cape red.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn : These were separate commissions, but I based both on the Bruce Timm, “Batman, Animated” television series costume designs.

The Thing and Spider-Man : “How would you like to draw these guys in their new costumes?” I was asked (more or less). Well, I kind of would have preferred their classic costumes, but for the right money... 
I didn’t enjoy drawing Ben Grimm as a kid, but this one was fun.

Duo Damsel : This was a request by a fan collecting sketches Legion of Super-Hero members in his book. The B&W single version was done in anticipation of he dropping of his book.
Samurai Jack & Tuff-Girl : Team up!

Ben Grimm : Drawing the Thing was so much fun I drew another. Actually, this was the last commission of the Con. Whew.

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