Thursday, May 13, 2010

120 [m ] : Disneyana Fan Club

Back in December 2009, I submitted some designs for the new logo of the "Disneyana Fan Club", re-named from the "National Fantasy Fan Club" (NFFC).

Here, the first logo features Mickey Mouse's gloved hand which was transferred from a piece of signage c. 1930.

Admittedly be tastes run fairly conservative. Maybe they couldn't trademark and copyright it. I like the combination of character identification (Mickey's hand plus the nod to the "Mickey Mouse Club" logo, 1955) and the the sense of nostalgia with Disneyana collectibles going as far back as 1929 with posters and lobby cards for the early Mickey Mouse short films.

Here's the second which is as basic a distillation as I could make it and convey the essence of the club. Is the "f" to difficult to see?

Maybe these look a bit too much like branding for the next high-end coffee house. Primarily, I was designing something to be identifiable as a 100 x 100 pixel icon.

And here again, my choice of desaturated colors for that nostalgic feel.

And here is the winning design by Mickena Guillaume.

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