Saturday, May 8, 2010

120 [m ] : Ben 10 Alien Force posters

"Ben 10" is now into it's third series, "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien," plus "Ben 10" has also spun off two live action movies.

The first, original series was created "Man of Action" whose site describes itself as "a Development/ Production House dedicated to writing, conceptualizing, and developing work of exceptional quality, commercial viability, and explosive creativity." If you're familiar with comics of the 1970's, it's a bit like "Dial 'H' for Hero" - a young boy has a device with which he may turn into any number of heroes with unique powers and abilities. In "Ben 10", 10 year old Ben accidentally gets the Omnitrix of alien origins and can turn into any one of ten aliens - well ten to start with.

The second series, "Ben 10 Alien Force" was turned over to Glen Murakami to helm, and it has a slicker design and slightly darker story line. Oh and Ben is five years older.

Poster concepts for "Ben 10 Alien Force" premiere
Pen and highlighter marker on paper.


Poster concepts for "Ben 10 Alien Force" premiere tease
Digital over scans of pen on paper.


How do you market and advertise what is in essence a sequel series - particularly when the licensed product line doing well (meaning that the importance of continued success is... important to a lot of people) . What do you show to get the audience excited? What do you tease or not show to leave as surprises in the watching? What about this will get the attention of an audience not already watching the original?

When the answer is dependent upon with how much money you have for marketing, you either run simultaneous campaigns of high conceptual teases and exciting reveals or you revise, revise and revise some more one or two key images. With the latter, you often end up with big heads and smiling faces - or in the case of an action adventure for kids, the ever-elusive and subjective "determined and fun-loving."

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