Monday, May 4, 2009

120 [m ] - On Board

Star Wars The Clone Wars Premiere 10th St. Billboards concept.
Red pencil and black rollerball ink on copier paper.

Last year, Cartoon Network acquired the broadcast rights to the most recent entry of the popular Star Wars franchise, Star Wars, The Clone Wars. The marketing group then went to promote the computer generated series like I had seen them do for a single show in my seven years there.

Although the creative would predictably be limited to visual assets of characters and backgrounds issued by Lucas Films, we nonetheless experimented in early concepts with ideas requiring unique character poses.

Above is a concept with the visual idea that Clone Wars was taking over. Four large billboards outside the Atlanta, Turner Networks campus were to be dressed with consecutive images of Jedi Anakin fighting a team of battle droids. Normally, each of the the six billboards (4 large and 2 very large) facing south toward 10th street, were divvied out to the different Turner entertainment networks: TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies and Cartoon Networks. Buying, in a fashion, four boards plus, in fact, one very large billboard, was and is a big deal.

What ultimately went up for the tease/premiere were head shots matted in black, one different character each for the four billboards. Not unlike huge trading cards.

Star Wars TM & © Lucas Films, LTD.

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