Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tuff-Girl 101

Tuff-Girl Primer 101
Black India ink on bristol board
15.88 x 23.50 cm (6.25 x 9.25 in.)

Everything you need to know about Tuff-Girl in 12 pages or less.

Tuff-Girl: yet another entry in the over-stuffed "super-hero" genre. Not wanting to tell an origin story (I'll save that for a graphic novel), Tuff-Girl's adventures are intended to be stand alone stories with her still early in her crime-busting career, in full command of her powers. In order to free up valuable space in the story telling of exposition, I do (will) design books/magazines to include one-page primers.

The primer will evolve, panel by panel. For example, panel eight featuring the reptilian Rip Tyler, can be swapped out for another scene with a different character more relevant to the particular magazine's story. Or it will evolve a whole. Even with this first version, I think too many panels are devoted to young Debby and her family.

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