Sunday, January 25, 2009

TAGS July 22 & 23, 1993

07/22: An imagination is a powerful thing.
07/23: Sports proverbs.

July 22, 1993: Mmmm. Ice cream makes Monster (monster) happy, and Monster like Polly (penguin). No news here, folks. Meanwhile Brayn (brain) takes mental notes on the unfolding sociological experiment. Much like my pre-"LOST" speculation about "Gilligan's Island" that the Professor was conducting a sociological experiment and was the real reason the castaways couldn't get off the island.

July 23, 1993: Heidi (gopher, first appearance) issues a softball metaphor proverb to Polly in shock. How did Charles Schulz do that as often as he did? The advice, I think, isn't that helpful. In fact, it is merely a restatement of the obvious within the framework of a sports analogy. - Chekov's (dragon) presence lingers as wafting truth. - Carolyn (raccoon, mis spelled "Caroline") is the off-stage pitcher. Her previous and second appearance was in the April 6 strip.

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