Sunday, August 3, 2008

Self Portrait

digital color over scan of pencil.

I drew this to decorate the shingle (name plate) for my cubical. If I remember correctly, the creative group of which I'm part had been in the new building on Turner’s Atlanta campus of cable networks for a few months. As installed, all of the name plates were the same black san-serif name and cube number on the same mottled blue of what I guess is Kinkos resumé stock.

As soon as I had time to spare, up went my 7" x 16" panel of self-expression - with the requisite information, of course.

Since then, in my pursuit of creating a more personal work environment (or just for the sake of making discreet bits of trouble) I have done the same for 4 of my co-workers - 4.5 if you count the one that has stalled because the person was unsatisfied with the caricature.

So what does this say about how I see myself?
1) Asian with black side parted hair and a cowlick.
2) Wears a considerably large wrist watch.
3) Right-handed drawer with a blue pencil.
4) Disney fan? (The pose is a mirror of Mickey’s off the cover of The Art of Walt Disney, more or less.)
5) Supplier of free chocolates.

That last part, while true, has nothing to do with the drawing.

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