Sunday, April 15, 2007

TAGS Oct. 19 & 20, Nov. 2, 1992

TAGS was/is a daily comic strip project I started in 1992.

The series came after a number of other single and multi-panel comic concepts which I was putting out while I was working at a number of Disneyland restaurants. All of which portrayed theme-park restaurant business observations, inspirations and fantastic fabrications. Perhaps I'll expand upon those in a later post.

Here (above) are the first three strips, crude as they may be. The three together are more or less the pilot for the series, although the monikers of "Suits" and "Tags" would be quickly dropped, mostly because I rarely have any "Suits" in the strip, and without them, there isn't any reason to distinguish who the "Tags" were.


  1. Get to work!!! You have so much interesting stuff that people would be very interested is seeing. Doodles, girl drawings, your life drawings. And so much more.... I for one am very interested in you color female drawings. The disney girls series was fantastic. Start scanning mister.

  2. The critics have spoken - or at least one of them.

    Arguments of time, energy and bandwidth not with standing, with yet two posts, "monotonae" certainly has room to develop. As of this writing, it will be my portfolio of sorts - at least a sampling of it.

    Yes, the doodles, life drawing and "good girl" pin-up drawings I've done are sure to be posted... someday... eventually.

    I will be interesting to see in a year's time what the critics think and say about "monotonae".