Sunday, September 22, 2019

What Shall I Draw September 29th?

What Shall I Draw Today?” is a session dedicated to drawing suggestions culled from different social media portals (like this blog). Some times they’re themed, but true to the question that is the title, suggestions can run the gamut as wide and deep as the people tossing out the suggestions. My anterior motive is to build up a stack of original sketches to bolster my sales offerings at the few comic book conventions in which I table.

In the days in-between the monthly sessions, I can pick from the suggestion lists to inspire a daily sketch to be shared on Instagram. However, this spring and summer prevented me from doing many daily sketches.

So this approaching Sunday, for the last WSIDT session of 2019, I’ve taken 60 of the not-yet-drawn suggestions from this year that seemed like the most fun (and sellable) things on which for folks to vote.

I call it “Rewind Day”.

What Shall I Draw Today?
Rewind Day
Sunday, September 29th, 2019
Eastern Daylight Time:  12pm noon - 8pm
Pacific Daylight Time:  9am - 5pm

Vote for your favorite suggestions at any and all of the following social media spots.

Blog: (here in the comments)

Instagram: @monstergram7

Facebook: /Monster Enterprises

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1. Chipettes (“Alvin and the Chipmunks”)
2. Flying Glove (“Yellow Submarine”)
3. Iron Giant and Hogarth
4. Josie and the Pussycats (cartoon)
5. Powerpuff Girls
6. Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems
7. Charlie Brown in space
8. Maxx and Juile Winters
9. Anything from Umbrella Academy
10. Alex Danvers from Supegirl
11. Batgirl and, Supergirl (as villains) against Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (as heroes)
12. Dart and Blackjack (“Atari Force”)
13. Krypto and Streaky having a mid-summer’s nap
14. All the Robins' in their costumes around the same age together
15. Smallville Cast
16. Starfire teaming up with Stargirl
17. Wonder Twins
18. Beauty and the Beast
19. Bill the Lizard (“Alice in Wonderland”)
20. Brave Little Toaster meeting Chip (“Beauty and the Beast”)
21. Calhoun (“Wreck-It Ralph”) as Rosie the Riveter
22. Celia Facilier and Dizzy Tremaine (“Descendants 3”)
23. All the female Disney villains
24. Eve and Wall-E
25. Evie (“Descendants”) mirroring herself
26. Figment & Nessie as a couple
27. Moana and Pocahontas
28. Princess Aurora in the her “livin’ solo” dress
29. Remy and Tiana working together in the kitchen
30. Stitch driving his spaceship, Ed Roth style
31. Tangled the Series characters as the Shazam team, with Eugene as Shazam
32. TheThree Caballeros
33. Uncle Scrooge and Gladstone Gander playing “Press Your Luck”
34. Ursula and King Triton …young and dating before “The Little Mermaid”
35. Deadpool trying to pick up Thor's hammer
36. Emma Frost
37. Jubilee and Squirrel Girl
38. Loki
39. Rawhide Kid
40. Rocket in his Avengers: Endgame Blue/Red uniform
41. Thor and Captain Marvel going hand over hand over the hammer
42. Disney fairies as Pretty Little Liars
43. Disney princesses as Cheerios (“Glee”)
44. Elsa vs. Storm
45. Friends cast as princes and princesses
46. Frozen characters as Hogwarts students
47. Golden Girls as female superheroes
48. Haunted Mansion’s stretching room portraits with different characters
49. Wonder Woman as a professional wrestler
50. Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope playing Super Mario as Mario and Luigi
51. Yakko, Wakko and Dot at the Hogwarts castle
52. John Wick
53. Ali Wong
54. US Women’s 2019 World Cup soccer team
55. Finn and Rey exploring Batuu and carrying some porg merch
56. Max Rebo (“Star Wars”)
57. Phyllis (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”)
58. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists
59. Snow White and Prince Charming (“Once Upon a Time”)
60. “Animal trek” (the starship zooprise)

Tom and Jerry and Batman and Robin.
Black ink and color pencil on Bristol Board.
17.78 cm x 12.70 cm (7.00 in. x 5.00 in.).

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