Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Twistery, Inc.

Gotham Rogues/ Scooby-Doo mash-up
Black ink and color pencil on Bristol Board.
21.6 cm x 27.9 cm (8.50 in. x 11.00 in.)

Taking as a cue its singular achievement of receiving more than 1,000 “likes” on Instagram (@monstergram7) in two days, I’m discussing this mash-up drawing with a good scan of the piece.

Instagram follower alltookayleigh suggested the combination for the September 25th session of “What ShallI Draw Today?” Sharp-eyed followers will have long realized that some suggestions that do not get attention during WSIDT, may appear in the weeks following until the suggestions list is cleared for a new WSIDT. First, a pre-colored, inked version was posted Sunday morning for InkTober, followed a few hours later by this final version.

The characters match ups was left to my own devising. I don’t spend a lot of time on such decisions, so you may have better selections given more time to think about it. Any ways, here’s what I drew:

• To help stick the “Batman” half, I chose the slick, later Batman: The Animated Series character design style. What Batman fan doesn’t like that style? As applicable, the costume colors are inspired by those of the respective the villain characters.

• For the “Mystery, Inc.” a.k.a. “Scooby-Doo” half, the composition is based on the second group shot that came across in a Google image search. Also, most of the costume silhouettes are the same as the Mystery, Inc. crew.

The Joker/ Freddie Jones - One leader as another leader. The only one not agape at whatever could be the off-screen threat. I figured that Joker would just laugh at it.

Harley Quinn/ Daphne Blake - Harley is a must-have, and her Daphne is a pretty good match for a Joker/ Freddie. I added a flashlight not present in the inspiration art, just to give Harley something to do. She gets to keep her Harley cap. Being able to take checker-board color cues from Harley’s costume, her palette can be more like Daphne’s

Poison Ivy/ Velma Dinkley - It was either Poison Ivy or Catwoman, Ivy wins out for not wearing a head and face covering mask. Did Pamela Isley wear glasses? Her costume departs from Velma’s with Ivy’s bare legs and styled boots.

Two Face/ Shaggy Rogers - Two Face is a quick, shoot from the hip selection. If I could have thought of a better match five seconds later, then I would have drawn that. Being in the back, it’s difficult to make out at first glance the split color scheme on his shirt and pants.

Clayface/ Scooby-Doo - What are the animal choices: 1) Killer Croc; 2) Man-Bat; 3) umm...? Neither of those look like dogs of any sort. Then consider that Clayface can actually transform into Scooby, and he’s brown!  That’s either clever or it’s a cheat.

To date, a post surpassing 100 “likes” is pretty good on monstergram7. More than 200 “likes” is a record contender. More than 1,000 is an unexplained phenomenon. It was posted with a lot of hash tags: #Batman, #ScoobyDoo, #Joker, #HarleyQuinn, #BryanMon and #ScoobTober. I guess I should stop underestimating the popularity of Scooby-Doo.

InkTober is a challenge to post at least one new inked drawing for each of October’s 31 days. There are daily topic prompts, but I think most folks just freestyle there topics. This mash-up doesn’t align with any prompt list.

So you see what can come of a clever drawing suggestion during a WSIDT session?

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