Monday, August 11, 2014

TAGS - August 24 & 25, 1994

08/24: Sweet Tees

08/25: Doze Were the Daze

August 24: True story: I used to volunteer to design and have printed team tee-shirts for folks at the restaurants in which I worked at Disneyland, including the canoe gangs for the annual Cast-Member canoe races. Not an interesting fact, but it’s true. Not true would be that participating teams were called “gangs.” I do subscribe to the idea that uniforms help make up a team.

“Defiant” is pretty much a nod to the ship from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Not because I was a great fan of the show, but more for the franchise and it just sounds like a real, formidable war ship.

“Pump It Up” is a nod to the Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon series of sketches on Saturday Night Live, “Pumping Up with Hans and Franz”, and because of the pumping action involved with hand-car racing.

Al’s Defiant gang is comprised of these randomly chosen members: Al (Captain, beagle, 5th appearance), Michelle (weasel, 4), Barron (stuffed bear, 15), Bingo (snake, 5), Connie (cardinal, 3), Heidi (gopher, 7), Rudy (pig, 7) and Monster (monster)

August 25: Drawing short straws means that these members aren’t racing today. 

Monster is generally agreeable to a lot of things. I think the follow up strip should have had Heidi and Polly upping the crazy things they could get him to sleepily concede. Alas…

“How-Yoohie!” is yet another nonsense word I coined just because I could.

In this strip: Al (6), Heidi (8) and Polly (penguin, 23).

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