Monday, July 28, 2014

Kara A.

2004, birthday
in the style of Casper and Wendy the Good Witch
* * - - -

2005, birthday
in the style of Brian Basset’s Adam @ Home
* * * - -

Kara and I worked in the same department for a spell at Cartoon Network (CN). In the 12 years I was at CN, there were a couple of reorganizational changes, but at one time our group was an eclectic mix of creatives (artists, designers and writers) and marketing and sales oriented folks. Kara was part of the latter. She was involved with licensed promotions... or something.

Was Kara given to getting “Funky” at work on her birthday? Not really. But then no one’s yet invented real “Fruity-Sour-Rummy-Sweets” – um, and probably they won’t be licensing their promotions on a kids’ network. BTW, that‘s not how license promotions works.


  1. Was it Kara's B-Day today. You don't really make it clear why you are posting these B-Day greetings. You don't ever say... "Happy Birthday Kara."

  2. No, I only posted this (these) because I have a back log of these birthday caricatures from my years with Cartoon Network. There was a bout where I posted them as co-workers were let go.
    I suppose I could have been more clever and post them as birthdays come back around.
    The unsatisfactory reason is that I wanted to post something, and I had these.