Saturday, July 20, 2013

Superman - 75th Anniversary

“Look Up.”
Digital color with India Ink.
This year, Superman is celebrating his 75th anniversary (DC Comics). In recognition of this event, I composed this piece and submitted it for publication to the souvenir book that San Diego Comic Con International issues (happening this week).

India Ink on Bristol Board.
Per my training in commercial art and consumer products illustration, I drew and inked the base art on  27.9 x 43.2 cm (11 x 17 inches) board. This layout was done knowing that I would be cropping in tightly for the finished piece. Meaning, there wasn’t any more of the Metroplois sky line planned than three generic buildings and the Daily Planet.

Carmine red pencil on Bristol Board (detail).
Not having fully accepted the his modern uniform design (Jim Lee), I feature the hero in his classic uniform design. Anyways, for argument sake, that’s kind of more appropriate for the anniversary.

It is perhaps very evident that my idea of what he looks like is how Neal Adams drew him in the 1970’s - it certainly became evident to me, at least, after finishing the pencil stage. The thought did occur that I should try to draw Superman with the features of Christopher Reeves as Gary Frank has done on his run. Expedience, more than any thing else, made me move forward with the drawing I had.

By the way, the piece was in fact selected along with many others to be in the souvenir book.

[detail @ tumblr]

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