Saturday, June 1, 2013

120 [m ] : D.B.D. ID

 In the summer of 2009, Cartoon Network tried a competition show called “Destroy Build Destroy”. On it, typically, two teams of young people competed in a three-stage battle where they 1) destroyed some kind of machine; 2) designed and built some kind of contraption from the remnants; and 3) used what they built to be the first to have accomplished a wild task - all with expert assistance.

They might have framed the competition of the likes of “Math Geeks versus Athletes”. To that end the Illustration group was asked to submit icon ideas for the different teams they planned for the first season. The guidelines were that the icons would have to work displayed small on screen.

The icons most difficult to create were for team pairings defined by age or size differences, say “Kids versus Parents”. I suspect that this was so because they’re contextual descriptors, in that a figure by itself neither immediately describes either kid nor parent, small nor big. It’s similar to the situation where a regular sized drink is not necessarily the medium sized drink, until there’s a small sized offered, and for that matter also a larger sized one.

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