Sunday, February 26, 2012

MegaCon 2012 - A Little Report

What with an exhausting 8 hour drive from Orlando, FL to Atlanta, GA, some kind of cold I’m sure I acquired on the 8 hour drive south, three solid days of work at my day job, and a guest appearance doing art instruction Saturday morning, I’m still not caught up enough to fully re-count the MegaCon experience of a week back.

However, I kindly submit the above. I drew these kid-like caricatures on 9 of a 10-card sheet of pre-cut business cards to offer as original art for  sale at the Con. Alas I only came up with the idea (although on some level of my sub consciousness I must have stolen the idea) Sunday morning. All done from memory with black India Ink brush pen and color pencil.

I wonder if some one walked away with the Doctor, because he didn't arrive home with me and I don’t recall anyone paying the $5 asking price. But then the price sticker on the back was easy to miss.

As a matter or branding, I feel that I should call them something - some thing like  “monkeydoodles,” but better.

(Left to right, Top to bottom: Captain Kirk, Chewbacca, Lt. Uhura, Dr. Indiana Jones, Lt. Starbuck, Leeloo, Princess Leia, The 11th Doctor, Dr. Peter Venkman)

Art © Bryan Mon. All characters copyrights held by their respective owners.

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