Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super Heroes, Part 2

Convention Commission Sketches, Masked Men and Miscellany.

Invisible Woman - Here’s another blank cover opportunity. While I’m more familiar with the Fantastic Four’s classic blue and black uniform, the client was totally okay with me drawing that rendition - however, the book itself is the first featuring the team reformed as the “Future Foundation,” assuming new black and white uniforms.

Superman, Samurai Jack - The clients of these two separate commissions were coincidentally female attendees of the convention, and although one had a sketchbook in which she was collecting drawings, both seemed to approach my table as a new discovery and were neither certain of the subject matter they wanted me to draw. I guess it was because of all the “Tuff-Girl” stuff and the fact that I had been drawing so many girls.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, Power Girl and Superman, Mr. Freeze - There were a few clients who discovered me last year and returned for more. At this point these separate collectors had long exhausted their regular request list, so they’d start off with “How about...” followed by a contemplative pause. At least, they hadn’t begun the “Stump the Artist Game.”

Jeannie, Red Tornado, Midnight Man - As mentioned previously, experienced sketch collectors some times theme their sketchbooks or commission collections. Here, respectively, I added to collections of Jeannie, Justice Society of America and the client’s personal creations.

“Evil Kimberly” and Lord Zed - This double character commission based on characters from the “Power Rangers" series was the most surprising theme for me to add an original drawing. I think “Evil Kimberly” was a costume design original to the collector.

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