Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Drawing Conclusions 2002

Blue pencil and black India ink on paper
21.59 x 27.94 cm (8.50 x 11.00 in.)

Within a year of working for Cartoon Network I wrote and drew this update of my autobiographical comic strip. For what ever reason, I never got around to adding color. The structure is inspired by Windsor McCay’s classic “Little Nemo in Slumberland” Sunday strips.

Header: Witness my crude drawings of Monster (my alter-ego), a robot (they’re cool until the robot insurrection), Charlie Brown and a bear.

Panel 1: I am told that my older brother gave me crayons as a baby, and then I proceeded to draw on the sheets in my crib.

Panel 2: Of the toys I had as a baby, I had these stuffed dolls: a brown bear, a poodle and a baby clown. I’m told that the clown made me cry.

Panel 3: The transmogrified crib legs allude to my Chinese horoscope. The crib logo is for my “Time Flyers” story idea. The baby oysters are from “Alice in Wonderland” which I would occasionally hide in my Disney work.

Panel 4: A floating island with a pirate ship in dock is inspired by “Peter Pan”, while the rainbow bridge by Thor’s Asgardian mythologies.

Panel 5: The skyline is partially formed by a paint brush, compass, 30/60-degree triangle and broom.

Panel 6: I drew critter-caricatures of my Disneyland co-cast-members - Mike was a dragon. The crest is an interpretation of Monster. That’s a circle template on the wall. The banner icon is a painters palette with crossed brushes. The ten gallon hat and sarape alludes to a previous version of “Drawing Conclusions.” The mice are a nod to Walt Disney’s version of “Cinderella.”

Panel 7: There’s a cog in the background. I’ve been nursing a flying penguin story. I took some linguistic liberties with made up “enfaced” (applied to the face of) and “pantsed” (pants wearing).

Panel 8: An adult monster skull  is a foreboding sign. The dark mountain in the distance is like something out of “The Hobbit” complete with flying dragons.

Panel 9: Introducing Fillo (Fill-oh) the toucan, mascot for my fictitious design company.

Panel 10: The symbols: panther, brain, Disney name tag, and Disneyland castle icon. The princess is generic. There are eyes in the dark.

Panel 11: Monster in silhouette. The princess has Aurora’s tiara, Belle’s hair style and Cinderella’s dress.

Panel 12: Television!

I think it’s about time I work on a new “Drawing Conclusions.”


  1. Snazzy Imaginationings!
    (though I thought Fillo came about earlier than 2002..?)

  2. That’s introducing to new readers (of this blog I guess). I don't think I've yet posted any thing of Fillo on monotonae up to this point. Yes, Fillo was created in the 1990's.