Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spins a Web, Any Size

Multi-color ball point pen on paper.
22.86 cm x 30.48 cm (9.00 in. x 12.00 in.)

Super hero stuff from one of my sketchbooks.

I've never been good about keeping a sketchbook, but I try. I must average filling a 150 page book every couple of years.

The book structure, I suppose, is intended to make space for jotting down doodles and ideas within easy reach. The formality of of an object that I can identify as "this is my sketchbook" makes me want to edit my ideas to the ones I might want to keep for posterity. I usually feel more comfortable just drawing on what ever loose sheet that are handy at the time. I also prefer to draw of letter-size sheets of typing paper that I file away neatly.

"Spider-Woman" TM Marvel comics.

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