Friday, July 17, 2009

BackStage No. 014 - 1989

from black and white xerographic copy

"Slow down,
you're goin' too fast
You've got to make
the mornin'

"Like a bridge
over troubled waters..."

"Hmmn? Simon
and Garfunkel, I
Haven't heard
them in a
long time."

They put out
some pretty
good songs."

"Aaw, they aren't
that great. ..."

"... There are a lot
of better groups
than Simon and

"I don't know.
I think Paul
Simon might
agree to
cut a disc
with me."



Featuring Tom Almroth (pit bull terrier), Damon Johnson (greyhound), Paul Hogan (opossum)


Kitchen, The French Market Restaurant, N.O.S., Disneyland.

Ha, word play.

On his request, Tom's crittature was revised from a beagle to a pit bull. I would in later strips change him back.

A radio/ cassette tape player was permitted in the back kitchen. ... No, that's not very interesting is it.

The Disney company is pretty aggressive about protecting its rights over intellectual property. I don't know if Jim Davis or United Press Syndicate feels the same about "Garfield." The industry gets a bit more open about these things if it isn't re-occurring and/or it's editorial. At the time, I was concerned about it.


  1. I *think* I have the original of this!

    For some reason in my mind it was Mark Brahm.

    We had a FM reunion a summer or 2 ago and we reminisced about this exact cartoon.

    If you want to catch up or get in contact with anyone you may have lost touch with send me an email.

  2. I guess maybe I should have mentioned that I am Tom. Tom I am.

  3. You do? I'm missing a bunch of the early "BackStages", because I didn't think I needed to keep them. If you find it, let me know. -Bryan