Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Times are Tuff

"Happy Holidays with Tuff-Girl and Ruff," squibbill Christmas greetings, 2007
30.0 cm x 20.5 cm (12.25" x 8.375")
Carmine Red Colerase pencil on paper.

I rushed to make this year's Christmas card design. That I'm always looking for ways of marketing Tuff-Girl obviously served as the subject for this year's card.

In previous years, I had designed Christmas cards as sets of three or four. This meant that co-workers could receive different cards. The hand made greeting usually were simple double folded letter-sized sheets delivered in Baronial (5.75" x 4.375") envelopes. I hand-traced them initially, then I color photocopied them, then ink-jetted them at home.

This year, I'm giving them a more finished look by having them printed. I'm using the same company who I used to print the postcard advertisement of my Silver Comics/ Tuff-Girl book signing, Modern Postcard.

Designer at CN, Jay, recommended them to me. I was pretty happy with the postcard. I'm sure the Christmas card will turn out just as well.

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