Sunday, July 15, 2007

TAGS Feb. 15 & 16, 1993

Corina (poodle) introduces Sara (panther).
Not only that, but I introduce the idea that Monster is a cartoonist. I’ll probably mention that a couple of times more and show Monster actually drawing perhaps twice.

As I recall things, I had not yet decided if I was going to reveal who the so-called ”new girl” in the strip.

Rodney (lion) follows the creed, “faint hearts never won fair maiden.” - from Walt Disney’s Robin Hood.

As I had previously made note, there are large gaps in the dates of the strips, some times weeks. At the time, I would make a pair of TAGS strips over a week end, dating them for the next Monday and Tuesday - or at least the next non-Sunday days. I wasn’t actually trying to produce at a real world pace of six daily strips and one Sunday edition per week.

The large spans of time in TAGS production, resulted in jumps in the story telling, which is more obvious to me now than when I was writing TAGS. It’s as if there are missing strips.

In a way there are lost strips. When I would start back up with TAGS production, it would be as if it was days or weeks later for the TAGS characters as well. As an attempt at continuity, the characters continued to dwell on the “current” topic, “the new girl”. I wonder if the pacing was jolting to readers. Yeah , it probably was.

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