Sunday, June 3, 2007

life drawing

I attend a local life drawing (L.D.) work shop every now and then. I first attempted water colors as a medium in a L.D. setting, I guess, about eight-plus years ago. They were tiny, three inch high things, done for five-minute-held poses. Five minutes in a two-hour workshop is generous.

Now, I only stay through the one and two minute poses of the first half of the L.D. workshop. The strategy I developed is 1) small 6-inch figures; 2) chiaroscuro light-and-dark studies which includes picking the best vantage that the light hits across the figure; 3) work dark to light; and 4) my palette of secondary colors, orange figure, violet shading, green negative space.

On that last point, I can't really dip into three different colors in one minute or less, so those tend to be more monochromatic warm-ups.

Here are twelve recent samples.

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  1. Hey Bryan:

    I am thrilled that you have a blog! Can you please post some of the princess drawings you did for Disney? Or an girl art you have. Greg said you had several illustrations of girl art on your door when you worked for Disney and they were amazing. I am not so good at the girl art at this point, but I am focusing on the painting thing right now. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!