Monday, May 7, 2007

TAGS Dec. 17 & 18 1992

The employment of anthropomorphic animals for the TAGS cast is entirely due to the fact that the strip/series followed my two other series and not wanting to create an entirely new, separate cast, and wholly in the tradition set by Mickey Mouse cartoons and comics where Mickey and Minnie are four-foot mice who are actually the people of that reality rather than true mice.

The two preceding series were titled "BackStage" and Stagelights", and shared anthropomorphic caricatures (which I would later coin as "critticatures" of differing spellings) of my co-workers (a.k.a. Disneyland Cast-Members). Disneyland culture uses stage and motion picture terminology where ever it fits. The "backstage" areas, for example, are the places where customers (guests) are forbidden.

The TAGS cast would consist of about three dozen of these critticatures with personalities amalgamated from different Cast-Members and shaped as the stories required. Despite the new character designs and names, most of my friends would continue to perceive the characters as their caricatures.

Monster, a Charlie Brown archetype, main character, is my alter-ego.

So far the series has also introduced the following players:
Bill (turtle), Vern (horse), Murray (cheetah), Tom (griffin, above), and Checkov (dragon).

These are the last of the exposition strips which attempt to establish the premise - that these characters work in a theme-park restaurant. I should have made the series more clearly communicate that - at the very least the restaurant aspect of it.

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